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sorry的回答该怎么回应?难道是You are welcome?

Hi I’m Vanessa from!


Welcome to the sixth lesson in the series back to basics. I thought we could use this concept and go back to the basics of english, back to the beginning and learn some of the fundamentals that you need for english conversation. 


Sorry 该怎么回应?难道是You are welcome?

You might already know some of these expressions and some of these will be building on your knowledge that you already have. 


Let’s talk about what to say if someone apologizes to you.


In the last lesson, lesson number five, we talked about how to say I’m sorry in a couple different ways, but how should we respond to this? Let’s talk about this.



Let’s imagine that you get the opportunity to go to New York City for vacation and you walk into the hotel and you’re trying to talk with the hotel clerk about your room and some other arrangements, but you feel like… maybe you didn’t explain it 100% accurately, you’re worried that maybe your English wasn’t exactly what you need it. 


First of all I recommend not saying I’m sorry for your English but a lot of people do this. So if you say “I’m sorry I don’t know if I explained it correctly”,  the hotel clerk would probably say “it’s okay…”

首先,我建议不要对你的英语说对不起,但是很多人都这样做。所以如果你说“对不起,我不知道我解释的对不对”,酒店职员可能会说“it’s okay”。

And this is one of the most common responses when someone says “I’m so sorry I’m gonna be late”. You could say “it’s okay”. Of course if it’s not okay you’re gonna find another way to respond, but generally in these situations it’s not a big deal.

当别人说“对不起,我要迟到了”时,这是最常见的回答之一。你可以说“it’s okay”。当然,如果你不接受这个道歉,你可以找其他方式回应,但通常在这些情况下,都是因为些小事道歉。

“Oh, I’m sorry that I bumped you in the store.”


“I’m sorry…”


“Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay…”


That is our most common response. Let’s talk about a couple others. 


The next expression is a little more casual. You can still use this in business situations, but if you use it in business situations I recommend adding a little bit. 


This expression is “no problem, “or “no worries”.

这个表达是“no problem”或者“no worries”。

If you’re in a business situation and someone says “oh, I’m so sorry that I’m five minutes late for our meeting, I tried to be here on time.” 


You could say “no problem, don’t worry about it. No problem, that’s perfectly fine.” 

你就可以说“no problem, don’t worry about it. No problem, that’s perfectly fine.”

What if you want to be a little more casual? Well, you could use the other expression we just talked about “no problem” and make it a little shorter. 

如果你想更随意一点呢?嗯, 你可以用我们刚才谈到的表达“no problem”, 但是是更短一点的形式。

“No prob…” 


I use this all the time because most situations where someone is saying sorry, it’s for little things they open the door too fast and they accidentally hit your arm or they bump into you in the store…some small thing like this.

我一直使用这个, 因为大多数情况下, 有人说对不起, 都是为些小事, 比如打开门太快, 不小心碰到你胳膊, 或者在商店撞到…像这样的小事。

You don’t need to say “oh don’t worry, it’s okay, it’s not a big deal.” You don’t need to get stressed about it. You can simply say “oh no problem, no problem.” And this is really quick and casual.


So in these small situations this expression is perfect.


Let’s talk about a final expression that’s gonna be the most casual of them all.


 It is “it’s all good, it’s all good.” 

它是“it’s all good”。

So let’s imagine a situation where you just got a coffee drink and you’re walking, you’re so excited, you’re about to drink it. And then someone bumps you and it’s spilled some of your coffee. It’s not the end of the world but you wish that it hadn’t happened. You could say “it’s all good” if someone said “I’m so sorry I didn’t want to hurt your coffee I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to do it.”


You could say “it’s all good / don’t worry / no worries / no prob / it’s all good.”

你就可以说“t’s all good / don’t worry / no worries / no prob / it’s all good”。

Sometimes we add these all together if you want to be extra. If you want to extra emphasize what you’re saying, great idea. Add them together. 


Now let’s imagine that that same situation happened to you, you just got some coffee from the coffee shop and someone bumps you a little bit and it’s spilled some of your coffee, how would you respond? Which one of these expressions would you use?Or maybe you would say “ah”, because you love your coffee so much.


Well, I recommend using one of these polite expressions so in the comments below this video write your answer and we can learn from each other. Thanks so much for learning with me and I’ll see you the next time. Bye!



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