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  许多毕业生将开始自己的职场生涯,正所谓万事开头难。今天听力课堂小编为大家列出几项职场新人的法则,以免你们在刚开始工作时乱了阵脚(mess up)。

  Many graduates will step up to the starting line of their careers this summer.


  And your first year in work may be a crucial period, says an HR expert.


  “Forming good habits is as important as developing professional skills. The *devil is in the detail,” said Zhang Yuxia, a human resource consultant at zhaopin.com.


  Here we’ve listed some rules for *newbies so you won’t mess up at the very beginning.


  1. Study the dress code

  1. 研习着装法则

  What you wear creates people’s first impression of you. So it’s important to project a neat and professional image. Employers generally provide every employee with a dress code. You can easily get a copy from the human resources department.


  But codes vary with companies and positions. “A shortcut is to observe how others in the same position as you dress. You can take cues from these individuals to develop a professional style,” said Zhou Xiaorong, human resource manager in Mindray Medical International Limited in Shenzhen.


  According to Zhou, it’s wise to avoid *flip-flops. She has a final piece of advice for women: “Avoid exposing *cleavage or too much leg. Remember, in business, more skin, less power.”


  2. Be punctual

  2. 守时

  Maintaining discipline in areas such as punctuality means you set high standards for yourself. Your employer and co-workers will appreciate your *accountability.


  Being on time for work is valued. “Form the habit of showing up at work 15 minutes early and leaving 15 minutes late,” said Zhou. “And your boss will notice your initiative.”


  But this doesn’t mean devoting the extra time to routine work. It’s good to study general developments in your industry. Use this information to gain a competitive edge.


  3. Keep your cubicle tidy

  3. 保持工位整洁

  Staying organized at work saves time and energy. Also, your private environment *discloses your personality. A well-kept one proves that you’re responsible.


  Doing your share of office chores will also *endear you to your boss and colleagues.


  4. Communicate well with your supervisor

  4. 与上司沟通顺畅

  It’s important to communicate often with your boss face to face. E-mail or online chatting is great for brief business exchanges, but any communication of real substance should be done in person.


  Try not to be shy or nervous, and be yourself. Then you can get your ideas across quickly. But do not *drone on and waste their time – they’re always busy.


  Politeness is a *virtue in the workplace. “My boss worked in a different area from me. I would stop by his office to say hello when I arrived every morning,” said Xu Aili, public relations manager in Walmart China.


  “You do not need to engage in a long conversation, but it is nice to *acknowledge your boss, and show that you have a positive work attitude.”


  5. Try not to be aggressive

  5. 不要咄咄逼人

  It’s okay to be *proactive as a newbie. Innovative ideas are welcome. But do not cross the line and be aggressive.


  You still have to *comply with office policies. “Consult the manager about your new ideas rather than complain or simply demand for a change,” said Zhang, the HR consultant.


  6. Be polite but not in a hurry to make friends

  6. 待人礼貌但不要急于交友

  Some work relationships do blossom into friendships, but most do not. You can still have a great working relationship without making friends.


  “Work relationships are not governed by the same rules as friendships, so do not feel bad if your colleagues do not want to *chitchat or are not particularly warm towards you,” said Zhang.


  7. Be honest, be yourself

  7. 诚实,本真

  A newbie is new to the game. If you make a mistake, admit it and fix it. Foster the quality of being honest from the beginning. It’s one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself and your career.


  8. Be enthusiastic

  8. 热情

  Enthusiasm is the main ingredient to achieve results at work, especially for newcomers. “Develop a real passion for your job, no matter how *menial and trivial it seems to be. You will achieve so much more and you will be noticed,” said Zhang.