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【英语写作】 2019年12月四级真题参考答案(一)(关注本站,持续更新基础英语考研资料,不定时发放英语大礼包)

Section A: 1-7

1. D) A wandering cow was captured by the police.   

2. D) It was sent to the animal control department.

3. B) It is going to be expanded

4. C) Some ancient wall paintings from Australia

5. A) Pick up trash.

6. A) They are especially intelligent.

7. B) Children may be tempted to drop litter.

Section B: 8-15

8. C) It will cover different areas of science.

9. C) It will be more entertaining.

10. A) People interested in science.

11. B) Provide financial support.

12. D) Dissatisfied

13. A) He is too concerned with being perfect。

14. C) Miserable

15. B) Compare his present with past only.

Section C: 16-25

16. C) They are more likely to become engineers.

17. D) Respond more positively to boys’ comments.

18. A) Offer personalized teaching materials.

19. C) It does not rain as much as people think.

20. B) The rain is usually very light.

21. D) It has mild weather both in summer and in winter.

22. D) It comes from straining one’s muscles in an uncommon way.

23. A) Blood flow and body heat increase in the affected area.

24. B) About two days.

25. C) Have a hot shower.


Section A: 1-7

1. D) The number of male nurses has gone down.

2. A) Cultural bias.

3. C) He was almost drowned.

4. B) The emergency services are efficient.

5. A) It became an online star.

6. B) Release it into the wild.

7. D) The raccoon did something no politician could.

Section B: 8-15

8. C) She received her first monthly salary.

9. B) Two decades ago.

10. D) He treated his parents to a nice meal.

11. C) Join her colleagues for gym exercise.

12.A)He  has a difficult decision to make

13. D)Seek advice from his family and advisor.

14. D) His girlfriend does not support his decision.

15. C) They haven’t started their careers yet.

Section C: 16-25

16. B) Using information to understand and solve problems.

17. C) Playing games that challenge one’s mind.

18. D) Participate in debates or discussions.

19. A) The nature of relationships between dogs.

20. C) They can fall in love just like humans.

21. D) They stay with one partner for life.

22. A) A cow bone.

23. B) Preserving it.

24. B) The boy’s family had acted correctly.

25. C) Conduct a more detailed search.


26:B admiring

27:M sealed

28:I natural

29:C contains

30:K released

31:L revealing

32:O substance

33:G liquid

34:E evidence

35:J potential


26:B conclusion

27:L spread

28:K slim

29:A accurate

30:O vulnerable

31:C directly

32:E evaluate

33:G flights

34:D either

35:H largely


26:O unpleasant

27:A adjusted

28:D experience

29:C equivalent

30:G individuals

31:H originally

32:K reduce

33:N thrive

34:E filters

35:F frequently


36:E USPS has sophisticated emergency plans for natural disasters

37:Ⅰ Mail companies are logistics (物流) companies

38:C  As global surface temperatures increase, so does the likelihood

39:G Every day, USPS processes, on average,493.4 million pieces.

40:K Rebuilding can take a long time, and even then

41:F As soon as it’ s safe enough to be outside,

42:B Even the united states postal service(USPS) suspended mail

43:J Private courier companies, which have more dollars to spend

44:D Days after the deadly 2017 wildfires in santa rosa,

45:H It can be hard to identify which parcels are carrying crucial items

信息匹配2 答案

36:F The city is no empty

37:Ⅰ Park Yeon See, the man who first imagined Songdo,

38:D Chances are you’ ve actually seen this place.

39:G What’ s happened is that our focus on creating that quality of life

40:B “The18 th century really was a waterborne century,

41:E The city was supposed to be a hub for global companies,

42:H But this is not star trek

43:A Getting around a city is one thing- and then there’ s the matter of

44:J Songdo’ s backers contend that it’ s still early,

45:C Songdo is a stone’ s throw from south korea’ s Incheon Airport

信息匹配3 答案

36:E If breakfast alone isn t a guarantee of weight loss

37: I What’s more important, some argue, is what we eat for breakfast

38:B The body uses a lot of energy stores for growth and repair

39:G Researchers from the University of Surrey and University of Aberdeen

40:D  But as with any study of this kind, it was unclear if

41:J  But some research suggests if we’re going to eat sugary foods

42:A Along with old classics like“ carrots give you night vision”

43:F A 2016 review of 10 studies looking into the relationship

44:C What’ s the reality?

45:H Breakfast is also associated with improved brain function

仔细阅读1 答案


46: B It is a course designed for students to learn online

47: C Students’ questions were unsatisfied weith the assistant

48: A She turned out to be a great success

49: D They could not tell her from a real person

50: C Assign her to answer more of students questions


51: C Not all of them achieved their anticipated goals

52: B To identify reasons for their different outcomes

53: B Its interaction with prospective donors

54. A They should be small to be successfu

55: D Their feeling of connection to the scientists themselves

仔细阅读2 答案


46: B It may encourage other Us cities to follow suit

47: C Take legal action against it

48: D It criticized the measure through advertising

49: B Help people to fix certain long-time health issues

50: A They are becoming rather sensitive issues


51: D The use of microwaves emits more CO2 than people think

52: A They are becoming more affordable

53: B Improving microwave users’ habits

54: A There are far more emissions from cars than from microwaves

55: C It plays a positives role in environmental protection

仔细阅读3 答案


46: C They cant connect professors and students as textbooks do

47: D Falling sales

48: A Reform its structures

49:C Answer questions using their personal experience

50: B They can learn in an interactive way


51: D It gets energy from both food and sunlight

52: A The genes it captures from the sea plant algae

53: D They can produce chlorophyll on their own

54: C They dont usually function inside animal cells

55: B They can survive for months without eating



Chinese families attach great importance to their children’s education. Many parents believe that they should work hard to ensure that their children have access to a good education. Not only are they willing to invest in their children’s education, but they also spend a lot of time pushing them to learn. Most parents want their children to go to famous universities. Thanks to the reform and opening up, more and more parents can send their children to study abroad or take part in international exchange programs to broaden their horizons. Through these efforts, they expect their children to grow up healthily and contribute to the development and prosperity of the country.



The full name of China’s Han ethnic group(people) is composed of family name(surname) and given name. One characteristic of the Chinese name is that the family name is always put before the given name. For thousands of years, the paternal surname(the father’s family name)has been passed down through generations. However, it is not uncommon now for a child to have the maternal surname(the mother’s family name). Generally speaking, a given name contains one or two Chinese characters, which carries the parents’ hope for the kid. Therefore, it’s easy to infer from the name what kind of person the parents expect their child to be, or what kind of life to lead. Parents attach great importance to naming their kid as it will be his or her lifelong company.



The concept of family in China is related to its cultural traditions, and the large and harmonious families were once very enviable. The four-generation families used to be very common, in the past. As a result of this tradition, many young people continue to live with their parents after marriage. Today, that tradition is changing. With the improvement of housing conditions, an increasing number of young couples choose to live apart from their parents. But the connection between them remains strong, and many old people still help to look after their grandchildren. Young couples also get around to visit their parents, especially during important holidays such as the Spring Festival and Mid- Autumn festival.


第一篇: university

Dear Alex,

On hearing that you are planning to study in China, I decide to write you a letter to recommend a university to you. My recommendation is Hunan University, which is one of the most outstanding universities in China.

The reasons why I recommend this university can be listed as follows. First of all, Changsha, where Hunan University is located, is such a fantastic city that it owns many amazing museums in which you can explore the mystery and prosperity of ancient China. Furthermore, you can eat a lot of famous traditional Chinese food and snacks, which Changsha is famous for. Most important of all, Hunan University has a high reputation for its academic contributions to the world and the campus is justbeautiful.

I truly hope that you can come to Hunan University to start your college life and I’m looking forward to your arrival. If you have any questions about the university or the city I mentioned above, please feel free to contact me for further information.

Yours sincerely,

L i Ming

作文2 范文

第二篇: city to learn Chinese

Dear Alex,

On hearing that you are planning to study Chinese, I decide to write you a letter to recommend a city to you. My recommendation is Changsha, which is one of the most modernized and civilized cities in China.

The reasons why I recommend this city can be listed as follows. First of all, Changsha, where many amazing museums are located, is such a fantastic city that you can improve your Chinese while experiencing the prosperity of Chinese traditional culture. Furthermore, most of the people in Changsha are talkative. So, you may have a lot of opportunities to exercise your oral Chinese with local native speakers. Most important of all, Hunan Normal University, which lies in the western part of Changsha, has a high reputation for its Chinese language and literature eduction. Thus, it’s very convenient for you to go there to attend some Chinese lessons or lectures if the time is right.

I truly hope that you can come to Changsha to study your Chinese and I’m looking forward to your arrival. If you have any questions about your future life in China, please feel free to contact me for further information.

Yours sincerely,


【英语写作】记住:送你回家 ≠ Send you home

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